smoked_vinegar:Product item list

    • Chili Vinegar 150ml
      • Chili Vinegar 150ml
    • Using Japanese chilies, we make this vinegar with our original brewing technology. The spiciness of the pepper and its smoky aroma will enhance the taste of any dish. Please use it as an accent of flavor for pasta, pizza, cold Chinese noodles, udon, dumplings, and grilled meat.

      • Price 500 JPY(tax included)
    • Smoked Sweet Vinegar KAORU  200ml
      • Smoked Sweet Vinegar KAORU 200ml
    • We smoked vinegar with cherry wood chips to make a sweet vinegar.
      With just a few drops of this vinegar, you can easily enhance the flavor of any meal. Widen the range and variety of your dishes. From sushi rice to pickled vegetables any dish will be transformed into one with a rich smoky flavor.

      • Price 1,080 JPY(tax included)
    • Smoked Grain Vinegar 200ml
      • Smoked Grain Vinegar 200ml
    • A sweet vinegar smoked using cherry wood chips. Perfect for flavoring meat, fish, fried foods, and salad – instantly transforms any dish with its smoky aroma.

      • Price 864 JPY(tax included)