drinking_vinegar:Product item list

    • Beauty Vinegar 200ml
      • Beauty Vinegar 200ml
    • Beauty vinegar contains blueberries and acai, known to be miracle fruits. It also includes marronnier honey made from local the floral nectar of local horse chestnut trees. This vinegar drink is made with specially selected ingredients.

      • Price 1,090 JPY(tax included)
    • Tajima Red Vinegar 200ml
      • Tajima Red Vinegar 200ml
    • Inspired by red vinegar of the Edo period (1603 – 1867), this product is made from only pure Japanese rice sake lees (a by-product of sake brewing) that have been aged for a long time. This delicious red vinegar is rich in amino acids and its deep taste and mellow tartness are sure to be enjoyed.

      *If left open, acetic acid and bacteria in the air may generate white suspended matter, which will downgrade the flavor. After opening, please close the cap and properly store it in a cool dry place.
      ** Product may separate over time, but this will not affect the quality.

      • Price 880 JPY (tax included)
    • Yabu Ginger  200 ml
      • Yabu Ginger 200 ml
    • A full-bodied drinking vinegar made from brewed Japanese ginger vinegar.
      This product is blended with marronnier honey, sourced from the floral nectar
      of local horse chestnut trees, and known for its elegant sweetness.

      How to drink
      We recommend diluting it at a 5 to 1 ratio using cold or hot water, or diluting it with seltzer to enjoy it as ginger ale.
      It is also delicious served on top of ice cream or yogurt as a syrup.

      • Price 918 JPY(tax included)