Kounotori Sushi Rice Vinegar 360ml

  • Kounotori Sushi Rice Vinegar 360ml
    • A sushi rice vinegar produced through the static fermentation of kounotori rice. It has a mellow sweet flavor and rich umami taste from the kelp and dried bonito flakes. Perfect for making vinegared dishes and rice for chirashi-sushi and sushi rolls.

      Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork is a special nature reserve. At this reserve the endangered storks, known as kounotori designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan, are taken care of, helped to multiply, and returned to the wild.
      The kounotori are also considered an endangered species by the IUCN. Toyooka City in Tajima cultivates rice with low usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to create a safe environment for the kounotori. This eco-friendly rice is called “kounotori-mai”.

      *A portion of the proceeds of this product is donated to the Stork-friendly Environmental Fund.
    • 454 JPY(tax included)