Brewed vinegar is typically made with carefully aged sake lees (a by-product of sake brewing) using the traditional “static fermentation method”, a process that requires long fermentation and maturation periods.
Our popular Salted Ponzu Vinegar is made from carefully selected ingredients including Shima-masu salt from Okinawa, kombu (kelp) from Rishiri, Hokkaido, and dried bonito from Makurazaki, Kagoshima which gives it a flavorful depth.

Static Fermentation Method

The backstage of the gymnasium has been converted into a fermentation room where the floor, walls, and ceiling are made of cedar boards suitable for controlling temperature and humidity. In this room, we ferment our vinegar slowly and carefully while adjusting the temperature to create an optimal environment.

Long Term Maturing

The vinegar is transferred from the fermentation room to the aging tank where it ages for a long time, developing into a full-bodied vinegar.