Junmai Ginjo Sake Tajima Tendaki (Shizuku-Sake) 500ml

  • Junmai Ginjo Sake Tajima Tendaki (Shizuku-Sake)  500ml
    • Our sake is made using a special filtration method that starts with us putting the moromi (fermentation mash) in a cloth sake bag which is then hung in a tank. The precious droplets that naturally fall are then bottled, and then the bottled product is boiled in water for a refreshing taste. Junmai Ginjo Sake is brewed with low-temperature fermentation and made from natural Tajima water and “Kounotori Koshihikari Rice”. The rice used has been 60% milled and contains no added alcohol or sugars. It is a sake created from the natural ingredients of Tajima.(Kounotori=Oriental White Stork )

      Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork is a special nature reserve. At this reserve the endangered storks, known as kounotori designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan, are taken care of, helped to multiply, and returned to the wild.
      The kounotori are also considered an endangered species by the IUCN. Toyooka City in Tajima cultivates rice with low usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to create a safe environment for the kounotori. This eco-friendly rice is called “kounotori-mai”.

      *A portion of the proceeds of this product is donated to the Kounotori Environmental Protection Fund

      A limited quantity of 600 bottles per year is produced.

      This product contains alcohol.
      Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
    • 2,200 JPY(tax included)