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      • Black Garlic Vinegar 200ml
    • A brewed vinegar made from black garlic grown in Yabu City and through acetic acid fermentation using our unique technology. By slowly aging the garlic, we have suppressed its normally strong odor. Please use it like any other vinegar, while enjoying its flavorful garlic taste.

      • Price 1,000 JPY (tax included)
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      • Kounotori Pure Rice Vinegar 360ml
    • Pure rice vinegar made from static fermentation and pesticide/chemical fertilizer-free rice grown to create a safe living environment for the kounotori (oriental white storks). Perfect to use in vinegared dishes.

      Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork is a special nature reserve. At this reserve the endangered storks, known as kounotori designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan, are taken care of, helped to multiply, and returned to the wild.
      The kounotori are also considered an endangered species by the IUCN. Toyooka City in Tajima cultivates rice with low usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to create a safe environment for the kounotori. This eco-friendly rice is called “kounotori-mai”.

      *A portion of the proceeds of this product is donated to the Stork-friendly Environmental Fund.
      • Price 400 JPY(tax included)
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      • Tajima Red Vinegar 200ml
    • Inspired by red vinegar of the Edo period (1603 – 1867), this product is made from only pure Japanese rice sake lees (a by-product of sake brewing) that have been aged for a long time. This delicious red vinegar is rich in amino acids and its deep taste and mellow tartness are sure to be enjoyed.

      *If left open, acetic acid and bacteria in the air may generate white suspended matter, which will downgrade the flavor. After opening, please close the cap and properly store it in a cool dry place.
      ** Product may separate over time, but this will not affect the quality.

      • Price 880 JPY (tax included)
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      • Smoked Grain Vinegar 200ml
    • A sweet vinegar smoked using cherry wood chips. Perfect for flavoring meat, fish, fried foods, and salad – instantly transforms any dish with its smoky aroma.

      • Price 864 JPY(tax included)